The Pool Weasel

The Pool Weasel is a machine that can significantly reduce the operating budget of a swimming pool. The Pool Weasel’s unique design helps homeowners save on the following costs:


The Pool Weasel reduces vacuuming time by at least 65 percent. Pools that usually require one and one half hours of vacuuming time are reduced to 20 or 30 minutes. Additionally, the Pool Weasel can be used by any staff member – not necessarily a technician with CPO training.

Water & Sewage

By eliminating the backwashing filters after the vacuum process, the Pool Weasel reduces water consumption and sewage load of a pool by 65 percent.


Reducing water consumption by 65 percent will lead to a reduction of chemical use by 25 to 30 percent. This allows you to maintain a more consistent pool water base.


The Pool Weasel will help control maintenance costs associated with pool operation. No more clogged vacuum or skimmer lines due to vacuuming! This ingenious device also alleviates the wear and tear of pumps, filters and valves from being reversed to vacuum mode. The Pool Weasel will also end costly mistakes that can be made by employees who may be inexperienced in reversing valves and backwashing filters. Our vacuum system also has the ability to pick up items that an internal system cannot. This helps control staining – particularly in the off-season.

Positive R.O.I. and the Pool Weasel

  • Reduces pool’s water consumption by 65 percent.
  • Reduces pools sewage load by 65 percent.
  • Reduces chemical use 20 to 30 percent.
  • Satisfies bathers now that pool is kept cleaner.
  • Saves you on general maintenance costs by eliminating clogged lines and lessening wear and tear on the pump, valves and filters.

  • Pool Weasel Facts

    U.S. Patented: The Pool Weasel has been patented after many years of refinement. The patent holder has been in the pool renovation and service industry for 38 years. Being designed by someone in the business makes this product a service worker’s dream.

    Construction: The Pool Weasel is made with non-corrosive materials and is built to give 10+ years of field service. All components are of the finest quality available.

    Pump: The pump of the Pool Weasel is self-priming after the strainer basket is filled with water. The pump is also equipped with thermal overload protection that automatically resets. The pump is fitted with a 5-inch strainer basket with a clear see-through lid so that you can actually see when the strainer needs cleaning. Access to impeller and diffuser is simple by removal of wing nut and metal clasp. This means easy access in 5 minutes without tools!

    Filter: A pleated single cartridge constructed of polyester sits inside the Pool Weasel. It is easily cleaned with a spray from a garden hose. The expected life of the filter is 1 to 3 years with proper maintenance and is replaceable for only $75.00. The filter is accessed by a single wing nut atop the filter housing. The filter is equipped with a check valve that prohibits debris from re-entering the pool when the system is shut off.

    Weight: The base unit is 85 lbs., and with its standard non-marking tires, makes it very portable. The Pool Weasel is designed to not be top-heavy for safe transport. It is easy to move around a pool deck or even in the sand at the beach. The Pool Weasel is easy to load in or out of vehicles and can even be pulled by a golf cart.

    Maintenance: Occasionally, three O-rings require lubrication and the canister must be hosed out at this time. We suggest cleaning the cartridge filter after every use. This provides a long lifespan of 10+ years of quality service.

    Other Uses: The Pool Weasel can be used to vacuum too. This is easily performed by removing the cartridge filter, removing the exhaust hose, and duct taping an old vacuum hose in its place. Then, simply vacuum sand or debris. This takes care of accidents in the pool and can remove abundant amounts of sand or debris. The Pool Weasel can also be used as a standby filter or just to aid your pool’s filtration. Set it up as you would to vacuum by placing the pole and vacuum head as far away from the base unit as possible. Use the Pool Weasel to drain pools or pool covers. The Pool Weasel can also be used to pump out flooded areas in apartments or motel rooms.

    Every time you use the Pool Weasel, you save more quality water than you can drink in a year.

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