Service and Maintenance

Sky Blue Pools has the mission of bringing you only the best in pool and water feature services. From construction to long term maintenance, we have you covered no matter what aquatic feature you want installed or kept in order.

Equipment Maintenance

We encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation service. Our repair experts will assess the state of your equipment, pool and water features and provide a list of options for optimum care. The free proposal will let you know if your equipment can be rebuilt to like-new condition and dependable performance, saving thousands of dollars over the cost of new equipment. We also provide recommendations on new, properly-sized equipment equal to the task of your system demands.

Water Treatment

We offer a weekly pool care service that uses only the finest industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials to maintain your water clarity and sanitation while providing a complete cleaning program for your pool. We remove all debris from your pool, brush where necessary and maintain your filtration system for peak performance. Sky Blue Pools routinely eliminates all phosphate and metal buildup and uses the best water clarifier on the market to aid in filtration, making your water sparkle.

Complete Coverage

Our extensive service options don’t stop at water treatment and equipment maintenance. We are available for prompt service for residential and commercial sites at competitive rates for a variety of applications, including:

  • Pump replacement and troubleshooting
  • Automatic water fill installation and repair
  • Light fixture installation and repair
  • Fountain installation and relocation
  • Water feature customization
  • Resurfacing and renovation
  • Installation of accessories and heaters
  • Regular customized maintenance programs
  • Leak detection, repair and waterproofing
  • Cleaning and water treatment
  • Custom fountain and water feature projects
  • New fountain sales and installation

We are available for emergency call-outs for customers who require this level of service. Additional charges may apply on nights and weekends.

“What should my pool service check for each week?”

A quality pool service program checks a variety of factors each week. First: alkalinity. Alkalinity is the water’s ability to withstand changes in pH. Additions of chlorine can cause swings in pH, as can rain water, acid additions and other chemical additions. When the alkalinity is within a very specific range, the water has the ability to buffer these pH changes, thereby allowing a more steady-state pH.

Call us directly at 704-557-0944 for a water analysis. From a water chemistry standpoint, your pool service should analyze the pH, chlorine and alkalinity each week. Every two to three weeks they should analyze stabilizer levels and calcium. Every four to six weeks a check for phosphate buildup should be performed. Lastly, every three to six months you should have a check for metal buildup.

In regards to your system, a pool service should check the operation of your filter and pump each week. In addition, they should inspect for water or air leaks in plumbing lines. At least monthly, your filter cartridge should be cleaned and inspected. If you have a sand filter, it should be backwashed every four to six weeks. If you have a DE filter, it should be backwashed and recharged with DE monthly.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about our range of services and maintenance solutions? We invite you to contact us with any questions via our web form or call us directly at 704-557-0944 today.

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